About Serving Your Purpose

Our time, our talents, and our resources are the currency of our lives. We all want to leverage our personal and/or corporate currency in a way that makes the most meaningful impact on the world around us.

Serving Your Purpose offers products and services that help individuals and organizations clarify their purpose, generate greater personal satisfaction, and reach for their highest potential. Founded by Ron and Mary Beshear in 1987, Serving Your Purpose is guided by four keystone principles:

Faith. Life is an adventure filled with blessings—as well as unforeseen challenges. Not surprisingly, some of our greatest challenges center around our personal weaknesses and failures. (Yes, despite our wonderful gifts, we all have flaws!) Because of this, none of us can rely on our talents and abilities alone to anticipate and overcome what is around the next bend. Instead, we must look to our almighty Creator for direction and strength. As simple stewards who have been temporarily entrusted with God’s gifts, we must have faith that He loves us and has a vested interest in our outcome.

Family. There is truth to the old adage that isolation is not healthy. In order to maintain balance, it is important to maintain strong relationships with people who know our histories and can speak to our lives. A family support system is life-giving, whether it is comprised of our blood relatives or our dearly-trusted friends. We need people with whom we can be accountable to share failures, and from whom we can receive encouragement and perspective when our challenges threaten to grow out of proportion. A positive relationship with family is a Godsend in our quest to be all we are meant to be.

Finances. Part of using our unique gifts in a purposeful way includes parlaying them into a financial vehicle that can support our families. We don’t need a job that will fulfill all our dreams or recognize our every talent. But with prayer and a little resourcefulness, we can find meaningful work in a discipline where we have some interest and knowledge. Over time, as we mature in our gifts, opportunities will broaden and the work will become more fulfilling—all while offering the financial security that our families need.

Future. Planning for our future is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Creating goals—and then taking the necessary steps to achieve them—can position us for long term success. Along the way, it is important to undergo periodic evaluations to ensure that our mobility is taking us in the actual direction we want to go. Time is a finite resource, so we must invest it wisely to reap life’s greatest rewards in the future.

At Serving Your Purpose, we want to help you:

  • Stretch your vision
  • Maximize your talents
  • Make small changes that yield big outcomes
  • Connect with others in a mutually-beneficial way
  • Find your highest destiny

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