Career With A Purpose 9.0: Seven Critical Job Search Tips

Seven Critical Job Search Tips

Career With A Purpose 9.0


Whether you are looking for your first job out of college or you are thinking of changing careers, you are likely collecting helpful tips to make the search easier. Look no further—these seven tips are guaranteed to help you get the job you want!

1. Connect with people.

One of the first things to remember is that computers don’t make hiring decisions. People do. Even though most companies filter job applications through a website, you are wise to focus the largest portion of your time networking within your own circle of influence and sharing your career aspirations personally.

2. Get to know the industry.

As you share your plans with others, solicit names of people who work in an industry that interests you. Then create a grid to help you manage your new contacts, their personal information, how you met them, and when to follow up. A contact management system may be the most important part of your job search, because it helps you stay current with multiple leads.

3. Be purposeful.

As your network expands, be purposeful. Always focus on getting yourself closer to a decision maker. A great resume can get lost in a stack of computer applications. But a memorable “chance” meeting at a social event can garner an invitation to send your resume directly to the hiring manager.

4. Build relationships.

Not to be overlooked is the value of building a relationship with the manager’s administrative assistant. This person is a trusted associate who knows the boss’ schedule and preferences. The assistant’s opinion may sometimes be sought in matters of personnel. So express personal interest and take the time for friendly conversation with him/her when you call or while you wait for an appointment in the office.

5. Stay upbeat.

Job hunting can make even the most confident among us feel insecure at times. So its important to consciously put on a positive attitude, gather your courage, and pick up the phone. Don’t rely on email to advance your search. Call your contacts personally. Share your career interests and ask for professional advice. Most people love offering their insights.

6. Research prospective companies.

When you hear of a job that interests you, research the company and its mission statement. Reach out to someone who works there. Let them know you admire the company and what they do. Ask about challenges in their job and how they handle those. Build a relationship and ask them to let you know if they hear of an opening. When they respond, they can give you details about getting your resume into the right hands.

7. Be aware of your body language.

When sitting for an interview, be conscious of body language. It’s a small thing that can make a big impact. Your good posture, easy smile, hands relaxed in your lap can display confidence. Meanwhile, you can focus on the words and body language of the interviewer; this will be a big help to you in directing your responses wisely.

These tips will not only set you up for success in finding your next position, they will also help you develop and maintain professional habits during your search!