Finishing Faithfully 8.0: Authority and Responsibility

Authority and Responsibility Finishing Faithfully 8.0   One summer day several years back, I walked to our kitchen sink to rinse my hands and noticed through the window two of my favorite teenagers standing in our back yard next to the pool in their bathing suits with a large towel stretched over both their heads,

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Finishing Faithfully 7.0: What’s In Your Thought Closet?

What’s In Your Thought Closet? Finishing Faithfully 7.0   Currently, we are stripping wallpaper off our bedroom walls and remodeling the adjoining bathroom. Consequently, every piece of furniture in our master bedroom is under heavy plastic, and our closet is barricaded with tape to keep out the dust. During this project, we are sleeping in

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Finishing Faithfully 6.0: What to Do with All My Options

What to Do with All My Options Finishing Faithfully 6.0   Peter Drucker mentions that the biggest social changes in the last century have not been technology or e-commerce, but instead the greatest changes have been the amazing freedom to choose careers and the increased longevity of working life span. At the beginning of the

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Finishing Faithfully 5.0: Eulogy Virtues

Eulogy Virtues Finishing Faithfully 5.0   With children raised and professional careers winding down, my peers and I look around and discuss how we want to spend our remaining time and talent. Gated communities with instant access to entertainment and healthy athletic activity are certainly appealing. But wherever we are and whatever age we have

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