Fall In Love With Your Future 5.0: Think “Feedback,” Not “Failure”

Think “Feedback,” Not “Failure” Fall In Love With Your Future 5.0   The only people who never fail are those in cemeteries.  It’s not what happens in life that brings failure or success.  It’s how we perceive our circumstances and what we do about them. Noted motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, says  “Winners, leaders, and masters

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Ron Takes On: Your Circle of Influence

If you want to work toward a future that fulfills your greatest destiny, you’ll need help along the way. Do you know who to reach out to in order to make a positive change in your life? In this video, Ron outlines the individuals, groups, and organizations that have the greatest influence on you and

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Career With A Purpose 13.0: Handling Pivotal Conversations, Part II

Handling Pivotal Conversations, Part II Career With A Purpose 13.0   In the last article, we discussed how casual discussions can sometimes turn into pivotal conversations, and we sought wisdom on navigating such discussions so that the resulting impact would be positive. Looking for answers to this very question, management consultants Joseph Grenny and Kerry

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