Fall In Love With Your Future 12.0: Choose Wisely; Seek Good Counsel

Choose Wisely; Seek Good Counsel

Fall In Love With Your Future 12.0


One of our greatest personal freedoms is the power to choose.  We can choose our attitudes and our habits, as well as what we read, what we learn, and what we do about the future.

We’re sometimes indecisive because we’re waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect inspiration, or the perfect plan.  But perfectionism can be deadly.  Hopes and dreams may atrophy with our energy if we wait for everything to be exactly right.  However, decisions don’t need to be made by the flip of a coin or by the mood we’re in, either.  Sometimes the best help is a wise mentor.

Fighter pilot and author Doug Sherman says we have an Almighty Counselor who longs to partner with us in the process of making decisions.  Each of us is extremely important to the Creator of the universe and He cares considerably about the impact of our life’s work.  Much like a father does.

We all know the fervent desire of most parents is to help their children make good decisions and find the best use of their talents.  Often, the highest compliment a son or daughter can pay a parent is to say, “Dad, Mom, can I get your advice?”  God loves being asked that, too.  And unlike earthly parents, He’s not capable of making mistakes.

Jim Rohn says, “Asking is the beginning of receiving.”  For wise choices throughout the course of life, we need to:

  • stop playing the lone ranger,
  • ask the best mentors we know,
  • run all advice through the pool of common sense and above all,
  • seek God’s help.


“Decisions shape lives and good choices enable the future.”