Fall In Love With Your Future 15.0: Walk In Gratitude

Walk In Gratitude

Fall In Love With Your Future 15.0


A man tells of his heartbreaking grief at the death of his 9 year old son.  One day, after he had lamented the loss to a friend, she said quietly, “I never had a son.”  Her comment was not intended to diminish his wrenching grief, but he says that moment was like finding a rainbow in the midst of a personal storm.  His son was gone, but no one could take away his joy over getting to parent that unique little boy for 9 years.  Gratitude removed some of the sting of his loss.

In A Better Way to Live, author Og Mandino challenges his readers to look beyond discouragements and personal storms by focusing on the blessings they do have.  He writes: “What’s your freedom worth? How about your education or opportunities?  How much would you take to give them up? . . . Would you take a million dollars for your eyes?  How about your hands or feet?”  His questions stimulate us to notice the multitude of true blessings we each have in our lives.

Melody Beattie comments: “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.  It turns what we have into enough and more…It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home.”

U.S. Labor Department statistics in 2006 indicated that 46% of those who quit their jobs in the previous year had done so because they felt unappreciated.  46%!  That’s why smart managers try to cultivate the habit of looking for what people do right and then expressing their appreciation specifically, personally, and positively.  Gratitude motivates!  Dr. Christine Northrup says gratitude “actually attracts more of the things you appreciate and value into your life.”

So take the sting out of your heartaches and open yourself to the fullness of your future by facing each day with gratitude.


“I must stop focusing on what’s lacking in my life and bring my complete attention to all I have—the simple abundance that surrounds us all.  Small acts of kindness heal even the deepest wounds; savoring fleeting moments of comfort restores serenity.”   Sarah Ban Breathnach