Fall In Love With Your Future 16.0: Strengthen Family Relationships

Strengthen Family Relationships

Fall In Love With Your Future 16.0


One great way to fall in love with your future is to work on strengthening your most important relationships—those at home.  The happiest business men and women we know are the ones who are intentional about saving energy for their family members at the end of each day.  And the wisest among them pray before walking in the door at night that they will be sensitive to each person’s needs.

No one on his deathbed ever wishes he’d spent more time at the office.  But all are glad for the time they spent investing in others and building closeness at home.  The family is still the social relationship that can most give us a sense of completeness in the midst of a fragmented world.

We live in a culture that is careful about competition, but careless about human value.  The human psyche needs rest from this in a home where there is thoughtfulness, encouragement, and respect.  To achieve this, Ivan Panin says, “The husband needs to be blind at times; the wife, deaf; and both need, much of the time, to be dumb.”  Overlooking each other’s faults is wise counsel.

In tough times, warmth at home gives perspective for today and hope for the future.  Perhaps that’s why marriage counselor Gary Smalley advises that we get our “strokes” at home.  If we live so that our greatest affirmations come from family members rather than business associates, we’re enriching our private lives and the lives of our family members.


“The happiest moments in my life have been those which I have passed at home in the comfort of my family.”  Thomas Jefferson