Fall In Love With Your Future 17.0: Cultivate Friendships

Cultivate Friendships

Fall In Love With Your Future 17.0


For years, we’ve been watching technology change the work force, often wondering how it will affect our personal value, productivity, and economic security.  Computer software, indeed, becomes more amazing all the time. However, machines can’t listen when we need a sounding board, support us through a crisis, or offer a warm hug.

Dan Sullivan, author of The 21rst Century Agent, claims that no matter how fast and powerful the microchip becomes, it will never replace certain uniquely human capabilities.  One is the ability to go beyond mere “networking” and build meaningful human relationships.

Whether in the Board room or at home, friendships empower and heal.  In fact, clinical studies show that people under intense emotional stress tend to have a death rate two to three times higher than those with calmer lives—unless the stressee has a dependable web of intimate friends.  Then there is little relationship between stress and early death.

We develop these important emotional networks by:

  • finding things in common with others,
  • showing interest in their lives
  • celebrating their victories
  • doing favors
  • being transparent about ourselves, and
  • showing people we need them by occasionally asking for help.

People in love with their future cherish their connection with friends and family members.  They value the unique characteristics of each friend, even as they are appreciating the intellectual stimulation and emotional support.  We add rich blessing to the future when we honor and cultivate relationships.


“If we had to name what makes life worth living, most of us would say it’s the people we love: Relationships make the difference in the quality of life at all ages.”

Richard J. Leider