Fall In Love With Your Future 18.0: Learn the Exhilaration of Serving

Learn the Exhilaration of Serving

Fall In Love With Your Future 18.0


Kindness cures.  In fact, medical physician Dr. William McGath claimed that 90% of all mental illness could have been prevented or cured by ordinary kindness.  Realizing this, he tried to be sure he never ended a day without extending at least one unexpected kindness to someone.   When possible, he did this anonymously, because he didn’t want  the focus to be on him—he just wanted to bless another person.

In a similar vein, experts tell us not to look for appreciation or thanks for our labor.  The effect of thoughtful service is often subtle, and the best reward might be the inner joy of knowing we did a good thing and did it well.  However, we should savor those occasional serendipitous moments when we do see the fruit of our labor or receive a word of appreciation.

One Saturday last fall, our daughter and several friends spontaneously decided to surprise an elderly neighbor by raking and bagging the leaves in her tree-laden yard.  When the neighbor discovered who her anonymous gardeners were, she called with thankful tears in her voice, saying she’d been very worried about how she was going to rake the leaves following her surgery. She felt this service was God’s answer to her prayers.   The girls had not expected thanks, but they savored those heartfelt words.

Emmett Fox once said, “If you could only love enough, you’d be the most powerful person in the world.”  There is great power in treating others with honor, love, and respect.  Actually, loving service—given freely—offers a picture of the grace of God; it’s a priceless gift that can never be repaid.

If we want to have a legacy we’ll always be proud of, service to others is the key.  Because, the truth is, we achieve our dreams when we help others achieve their dreams.


“Join the company of those who make the barren places of life fruitful with kindness.”    Helen Keller