Fall In Love With Your Future 4.0: Stretch Yourself Now to Soar Later

Stretch Yourself Now to Soar Later

Fall In Love With Your Future 4.0


Ours is a dynamic culture.  Information, equipment, and career demands seem to change constantly.  As a result, corporate leaders say the most important credentials men and women today can have for employment are personal resilience and a zeal for life-long learning.

Actually, those are qualities that also help a person remain excited about his or her future.  The happiest people are those who continually work to improve their minds and grow in integrity and character.

If we read good books, choose heroic models, associate with virtuous people, and train ourselves to do even the smallest things with excellence, we open the door to greater prospects.  Success is little more than the daily practice of simple disciplines.

On the other hand, expediencies that shortcut growth and learning often lead to disappointing outcomes.   So we are wise to absorb all we can along the way and stretch ourselves to be the best we can be.  Personal development is the most important credential for a dynamic future.

“Don’t join an easy crowd,” author Jim Rohn advises his counselees.  “You won’t grow.  Go where the expectation and demands to perform are high.”  Then regularly ask yourself, “Who am I associating with?  What have they got me reading, . . . thinking, . . . saying, . . .doing?”  In short, “What have they got me becoming?”

These are smart questions.  What we become in thought, heart, and spirit determines not only the direction of our forward motion, but also the height to which we can soar.


“The highest qualities of character . . . must be earned.”  Lyman Abbott