Fall In Love With Your Future 5.0: Think “Feedback,” Not “Failure”

Think “Feedback,” Not “Failure”

Fall In Love With Your Future 5.0


The only people who never fail are those in cemeteries.  It’s not what happens in life that brings failure or success.  It’s how we perceive our circumstances and what we do about them.

Noted motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, says  “Winners, leaders, and masters all understand that if you try something and do not get the outcome you want, it’s simply feedback.”

Yet, if we don’t monitor our thought life, every unintended error and every misjudgment takes on emotional significance.  We begin to see human mistakes as personal failure and as a reflection on our character or reputation.

However, people who are ready to fall in love with their future are willing to view disappointing outcomes as feedback, not failure.  They consciously work against letting emotional disappointment weigh them down.  Instead, they focus on using the information to help them make finer distinctions about future action.

Today, let’s make a commitment to stop thinking in terms of failure; rather, let’s think in terms of results.    If we don’t get the outcome we wanted, we need only change our actions to yield a new result over time.  As we fall in love with our future, we commit to learning from every experience.


“When I have decided a result is worth getting, I go ahead on it and make trial after trial until it comes.”    Thomas A. Edison