Fall In Love With Your Future 8.0: Exercise Personal Power

Exercise Personal Power

Fall In Love With Your Future 8.0


We give up personal power when we worry about popular opinion, let other people speak for us, or tell ourselves that others have more right to their preferences than we do.  When we hold one of these attitudes, we subtly give those in the world around us the power to dismiss our ideas or have their agenda worked out, possibly at our expense.

The people who are most excited about their future are those who exercise their own personal power.  They believe they have the ability to evaluate, to make good choices, and to make worthy contributions.  They put aside personal insecurities, they ask for what they need, and they openly express ideas about issues that affect them, their family, community, or country.

If it’s true that most of us invent and live out self-fulfilling prophecies, we’d be wise to start each day by taking a realistic view of our God-given worth and talents.  What responsibilities do these carry?  What detrimental habits do we need to break so we can live out a prophecy more like the one for which we were born?

The truth is, no matter what our title or status, we have:

  • the power to choose our attitude and our values,
  • the right to say “no” to unreasonable demands, and
  • the responsibility to avoid self defeating pursuits.

The greatest future in the world can look bleak when we have a victim mentality.  But even the bleakest future has hope and dignity when we reclaim the power to make healthy choices and act on them.


“Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment and learn again to exercise his personal responsibility.”   Albert Schweitzer