The Climbing Wall

Finishing Faithfully 4.0: The Climbing Wall

The Climbing Wall

Finishing Faithfully 4.0


We go to the climbing wall pretty frequently because that’s where our favorite active 4-year-old wants to go.

He seems oblivious to the fact that his actual actual climbing time is usually about equal to the time it takes the technician to get the harness on him and go over the safety rules.

Fortunately, the owners of the establishment are clued in to the brevity of a preschooler’s interest, and they charge only $5 for a “climber” his age.

Something about this wall seems fascinating to our grandson, and he asks to go climbing there from time to time. We treasure our time with him and often like to do things for no reason other than to see him have fun.

However, because we’ve been to this wall with him more than once, and our adult perspective wants the time spent traveling there to count for more than a quick in-and-out trip, we’ve begun challenging him to stay with the task a bit longer each time and try to go higher.

Being a bright boy, he’s picked up on this and figures a reward is due him for any achievement. So now the wall experience is usually followed by a visit to the toy store for some small item. Maybe for him, that has become the purpose of the climbing trips. (Grandparents can be slow to catch on sometimes.)

But maybe we are both getting what we want. He gets a small prize and we get the pleasure of seeing him stretch a bit more than he thought he could.

I wonder if that’s one of the joys of growing older…having the opportunity to help those who come behind us find ways to stretch and grow and become more of who they were meant to be.

I hope we don’t loose the cell phone videos of our time spent at the wall. Someday, a grown up Logan will laugh hysterically at them, and we will beam with joy at the fine man he is becoming.