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Ron and Mary have decades of experience helping individuals and organizations clarify their purpose, generate greater personal satisfaction, and reach for their highest potential. If you want to help your team members enrich their lives through faith, family, finances, and preparing for the future, then look no further than Ron and Mary’s fascinating speaking topics.

Fall in Love with Your Future

William James said, “The greatest use of each day is to spend it for something that outlasts it” – to use your full potential, despite difficult circumstances.

Though no one can start over, anyone can start today and have a brand new finish, going beyond survival, beyond success, and pursuing a significant purpose with passion. This process of falling in love with your future is fascinating, because each person’s future is as unique as his/her own fingerprint. And everyone’s destiny will have significant impact on the world.

With humor, humility, and memorable examples, Ron discusses the kind of decisions and life skills that lead to purpose and contentment, in the business world, as well as in personal life….from his and Mary’s book, Fall in Love with Your Future.

Making a Significant Difference

Having traveled and spoken to thousands of individuals and groups, Ron has discovered that one of the most important issues to men and women all over the world is the hope that their lives will count for something.

Regardless of education, finances, or family background, everyone can benefit from Ron’s passionate discussion on learning to reflect more, to ask creative questions, to take wise risks, and to live an outward focused life. This talk can be tailored toward the goals of your own business or industry to help employees and entrepreneurs alike, focus on the professional and personal differences they can make.

Reality Living

Having recently been on a “reality show,” it occurred to Ron that such shows do not come near to the authenticity or completeness of true, daily life as experienced by the human psyche. As he frequently tells young people, “Reality shows aren’t real, but your life is.”

Drawing on his 40 year business experience of individually interviewing over 10,000 individuals, Ron shares the things that seem to most impact the minds and hearts of men and women all around the globe. The Big Four include: people’s faith, their family, their finances, and their hopes for the future.

This inspiring message is great in helping a sales or customer service department think through what might be the most important to their clients. Additionally, every professional can benefit from the training in asking critical questions and listening reflectively to customers.

Mom: You’re Incredible!

The Ultimate Balancing Act: Parenting Toddlers & Elementary Schoolers

We live in a culture that offers little appreciation and few role models for a mother’s nurturing work, yet it is a challenge of the utmost value. Mothers actually partner with God in the framing of character and unfolding of individual gifts.

However, since parenting is one of the few jobs in the world when we won’t see the fruit of our labors for 25 years or so, Mary will talk about how to enjoy each child without being horrified at their imperfections and how to establish a healthy balance between love and limits. Additionally, she will describe her own experience of taking a hard look at her family heritage and throwing out what was hurtful, while reinforcing what was healthy.

This talk is an inspiration to young mothers who can easily lose sight of their true impact in the daily routine of thankless tasks and “unseen” sacrifices.

Empowering Your Spiritual Gifts

Before He even designed the world, God created each of us to be on Earth at a specific time and place to enjoy Him in the midst of our situations and to bless the world around us with … our spiritual gifts.

Not sure what yours are? This talk is designed to illuminate the spiritual gifts with which we were born and look at the issues that can hold us back from using our gifts fully and freely. There is a quiet message in each of us about what we’re supposed to be doing. Mary demonstrates how God wants us to discover that message and “soar in our strengths.”

Strengthening Your Marriage

Marriage at an immature age, shaky finances, parental disapproval, no conflict-resolution skills, huge personal style differences, clashing faith backgrounds, and multiple odd jobs to make ends meet, leaving little time together… these are just a few of the challenges Ron and Mary faced 40 years ago after the honeymoon was over. If they’d heard the term “irreconcilable differences,” they surely had days when they would have thought that applied to them.

Woven into the fabric of humorous and transparent stories from their own challenges, Ron and Mary share rich lessons that saved and strengthened their marriage.

Journal Entries

Real Life Stories, Leadership and Purpose

Journal Entries

Real Life Stories, Leadership and Purpose

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