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Answers in Genesis is a ministry dedicated to enabling Christians to defend their faith and effectively proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. AIG developed the new 70,000 sq ft Creation Museum, which illuminates Biblical history and its effect on our present and future world and the world-renown Ark Encounter.

At Work on Purpose guides Christians to find and fulfill God’s purposes for work. Collectively, the At Work on Purpose community embraces a vision of restoring full Christian commitment and contribution to work, in order to mobilize the work world for Christ. Based in Cincinnati, they offer a wide range of services to support working Christians, the local church, and affiliated ministries.

Athletes in Action is an international outreach organization that effectively uses sports as a platform to help people answer questions of faith and point them to Jesus.

Back 2 Back is a faith -based organization offering wholistic orphan care to abandoned and neglected children in Mexico, Nigeria, India, and Haiti. By inviting adult organizations and youth groups to serve spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social needs alongside them, Back2Back leaders are able to bring help for today and hope for tomorrow to orphan children, while strengthening the faith of volunteers who have travelled with them.

The Character Council serves Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana promotes and encourages character through: community presentations and workplace training, email and social media reminders, website resources,lessons and activities for children, books and other character resources for families and professionals, engaging businesses, schools, faith organizations and communities in processes to enhance climate and culture. The Council joins organizations in more than 200 cities, in association with Character First!, that have pledged to encourage good character.

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy is a blue ribbon K-12 school providing academic excellence in a Christ centered environment. CHCA is devoted to developing the whole person and installing a lifelong passion for learning, leading, and serving. Students are helped to explore and shape their God-given talents as they develop a foundation for life through daily scripture lessons.

The Healing Center of Vineyard Community Church serves the spiritual and physical needs of the people of Cincinnati in all socio-economic groups. The center offers life skill classes, healing prayer, and job coaching, as well as food, clothing, auto repair, and ESL courses.

Horizon Community Church is a church designed to help people explore spiritual matters in a comfortable setting. It’s mission is to connect people to God through the Bible and through relationships with a community of growing believers.

BeeLine Blogger is a common-sense commentary on current issues impacting our daily lives and future dreams. Full of interesting information and intriguing insights, the blog’s apt subtitle is “The Shortest Route to What You Need to know.”

Blanchard Learning is product of the Ken Blanchard Companies. Blanchard Learning offers invaluable courses and materials on situational leadership, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, coaching, and creating high performance organizations.

HALFTIME was developed by Bob Buford, a leading authority in helping people redirect their time and talents for a more purposeful second half of life. The organization offers wisdom about the journey from success to significance.

Love And Respect was developed by Emerson Eggerichs, is a website for those looking to improve their marriage communication. The site contains articles, short videos, and products for purchase that detail a deeply profound (and yet simple) concept for reenergizing a marriage.

Since 1976, Bob Biehl has personally consulted with over 500 senior executives. In that time, he’s met one-to-one with over 5,000 executives (board members, senior executives, and staff members) and invested an estimated 50,000 hours in private sessions with some of the finest leaders of our generation. He’s known for asking brilliant and timely questions. His site features a section on decisions, and offers 20 questions to ask before making any important life decision.

Smalley Institute provides proven strategies to the relationship you want. The site features a number of valuable articles and resources on caring for one’s family and spouse.

Journal Entries

Real Life Stories, Leadership and Purpose

Journal Entries

Real Life Stories, Leadership and Purpose

  • 1094 words5.6 min read

    Is my life a mistake? Does it have meaning? Am I the right person for this position? If you have had days when questions like that crossed your mind, you are not alone. 

  • 782 words4.1 min read

    For women in the professional world today, the doors of opportunity are wide open, and women are more educated than in any previous generation.

  • 501 words2.7 min read

    This morning, men and women all over the world got out of bed and prepared for work.