Created for a Purpose

Fulfill Your Highest Destiny

Every person on Earth was created with a unique and wonderful set of gifts. Some of us are born to lead, while others find joy in solving complex problems. Some are driven to deliberate the details, while others prefer a broader approach. For most of us, life is a continual adventure of discovering our potential and using it productively.


Uniquely created for this time with the gifts needed to impact a generation.

The way you are wired is not an accident. You were put on Earth at the exact right place and time, with a mix of gifts that is very much needed to fulfill the needs of your generation. Your unique gifts do not serve one distinct purpose, but will prepare you for a variety of purposes throughout your lifetime. These purposes might be accomplished through your career, through your relationships, or through your service to others.

You won’t always know when you are fulfilling a part of your divine destiny, but you will usually sense when you are operating in your giftedness. The work will just seem to flow better, and you will become so rapt in the task that you might even lose track of time. Doing the things you were created to do will almost always bring benefits or blessings to others, so anytime you use your God-given gifts, your life is going to feel richer and more significant.

Even though discovering the extent of your gifts can be a life-long process, there are a few simple questions you can ask yourself to bring greater clarity:

  • Which tasks seem easy for me, but difficult for most other people?
  • What kinds of things do I enjoy doing—and would do even without pay?
  • On what kinds of work do others frequently compliment my efforts?
  • What have I always a dreamed of doing, though I have no experience in it?

Such questions can bring new insight and bolster confidence, and can even prompt additional scholarship in a desired field of growth.

So, what’s your purpose? Your answer will change as you gain experience, as your talents become clearer, and as new opportunities present themselves throughout the adventure of your life.

Journal Entries

Real Life Stories, Leadership and Purpose

Journal Entries

Real Life Stories, Leadership and Purpose

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